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The only flight route from Mumbai to Indonesia on which there are regular scheduled commercial flights is Mumbai to Jakarta.  The airlines flying the route are Air Asia, Cathay Pacific Airways, Emirates, Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines (1-stop flights).

Map of Indonesia with international airports pinpointed

Top review of Indonesia

Brett & Kiersten's trip to Indonesia: "We landed in Jakarta where we spent a couple days before heading down to the beach. Jakarta is kind of what you would expect for one of the world's most populous cities: really crowded. Cars, motorbikes, and people everywhere...It was a six or seven hour bus ride down to Batu Karas. I can't stress enough how amazing this place is. There were hardly any travelers there and the locals were so nice. Surf boards were cheap to rent and the surf was amazingly consistent. The only downside was that there were a million Portuguese Man-o-War Jellyfish...We got on a train and went to the city of Yogyakarta (commonly referred to as Jogja). It was a pretty cool city but there were a million European tourists there which kind of detracted from the atmosphere"

temple in Indonesia


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