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The only flight route from Mumbai to Uganda on which there are regular scheduled commercial flights is Mumbai to Entebbe.  The airlines flying the route are Egyptair, Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, South African Airways and Turkish Airlines (1-stop flights).

Map of Uganda with international airports pinpointed

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Little was Mr Magno to know, that his travel plans would be viewed as being suspicious by airport security (he'd purchased a 1-way ticket from India to Uganda): " Questions that seemed partially relevant to Our Hero’s trip were asked: Why are you going to Uganda? [To go to countries he had never been before] and What did you do in Jamaica? [built a playground] and What did you do in Ecuador? [the same] and Did you get paid? [no] and Why? [because he enjoyed things like that].  The more questions the security guard asked, the more personal the questions became: Where did you live in Bangalore? [HSR Layout] and Who did you visit there? [family friends] and Where do they live? [in HSR Layout...] and Where did you stay [didn’t he just say HSR Layout?] and Where else did you go during these two months? [New Delhi, Koramangala, Mysore, JP Nagar, Wilson Garden, Peenya] and What does your father do? [bookkeeper at a hardware store, but he just received his nursing degree] and How did you pay for University? [hard work, scholarships, the like] and What is in your check in bag? [clothes, toiletries, chargers, snacks, medicine, gifts, a larger backpacking bag]."

First day in Uganda - Entebbe

After landing in Entebbe, Uganda, Bethany & crew spent a night at a clean hotel, before heading for Kampala: "For lunch, we stopped for ‘fast food.’ When parking the bus on the side of the road, all the vendors rushed to sell us their food. My favorite of the things we tried were chipoti (like a tortilla) and maize." She took a load of wonderful photos, and her blog is well worth a read.

Kampala in Uganda

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